Pope Francis & other inspiration sources

Vatican COVID-19 Commission advises the Pope and other Vatican leaders during and beyond the Covid crisis on regenerative finance, business and economy, public policy and communications, including in relation to the G7, G20, UN Summits, etc.

Laudato Si Action Platform invites us to translate into concrete action the profound inspiration of the Pope’s core teachings expressed in the Laudato Si encyclical that calls us to care for all forms of life on earth – ‘our common home’.

Sarvodaya Movement, founded by ‘Sri Lanka’s Gandhi’ is one of the world’s most inspiring holistic, grassroots models to address individual and collective needs, ranging from economic empowerment and microfinance to spiritual development and democratic governance, inspired by Buddhist and Gandhian values.

Gross National Happiness and Doing Business with Compassion translate Bhutanese, Thai and other Buddhist socio-economic teachings into contemporary approaches to manage modern companies towards Regenerative Value Creation that integrates business success and economic development with the regeneration of people and planet.

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