Global Community to co-create
a new economic mainstream

Over the past three decades United for Regeneration members co-founded and co-led several pioneering business alliances across Europe, the Americas and other continents that empower economic innovation and contribute to large-scale transformation towards the regeneration of people and nature in companies, economies and societies.

Most recently we helped to found the global B Corp movement. Its fast-growing numbers include 12,000 benefit corporations by law; 4,000 certified B Corps and another 130,000 companies that use B Corp tools, such as the SDG Action Manager.

United for Regeneration will become an even broader global community that builds on and expands these alliances to help co-create the new mainstream of regenerative business and economy born from the depth of our humanity – not only in what we do, but also in how we do it and how we connect with each other and the world at large.

Our activities support professional as well as personal development, inviting owners and leaders of companies and other institutions to live their purpose and turn it into successful action, to be themselves and develop meaningful partnership and friendships. New technologies are not enough; we want to live new lives that are congruent with the needs of the planet and the potential of our shared humanity.

Typically, innovation movements start highly differentiated at the fringe of systems. Often, they are organized around charismatic leaders and organizations who differentiate themselves with diverse names and offerings, such as B Corps, Circularity, Responsible or Impact Investing, Theory U, etc. While such sub-movements make very important contributions in their region and specific areas of expertise, they alone can not replace the current economic mainstream.

We therefore also need an inclusive movement that unites the best leaders, ideas and concrete results to co-generate critical mass and help the world to recognize that these diverse approaches are pointing in the same unified direction of a new economic mainstream. We need to demonstrate, with concrete examples, that more and more companies are increasingly replacing ‘business as usual’ with what we call ‘Regenerative Value Creation.’

Julius Caesar’s winning strategy was ‘divide & conquer.’ Let ours be ‘unite to regenerate.’ Without putting into action SDG 17, which implores us to partner and collaborate, we will not achieve the remaining sixteen SDGs, nor our other individual and collective aspirations. Even as ‘diversity and inclusion’ have become popular in vision statements, one of our greatest challenges may be to concretely bridge our differences to release the amazing richness of our mutually enhancing diversity in unity. 

The time to come together to act is NOW.


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