WATCH! EndPandemics: Appeal to World Leaders Roundtable

About the Roundtable:

Our world is still reeling from the impacts of COVID-19. The pandemic has inflicted over 200million people, killing more than 4 million in just 20 months. The global economy has been seriously set back, with experts projecting $11+ trillion in costs. And there are concerns that new viruses or variants may circumvent current vaccination programs. How do we move beyond our current reactive mode, to preventing new pandemics from occurring in the first place?

Experts and change leaders are gathered to share advice for world leaders, and to the global community, including the presentation of a new Roadmap that can lead us out of pandemics. This Roundtable will explain the root causes of zoonotic outbreaks and what humanity can do to prevent them. It will also discuss a concrete action proposal, which we will submit to world leaders, including those who meet next month in Rome for the G20 summit.

Co-organized by:
  • Vatican COVID-19 Commission
  • EndPandemics Campaign
  • United for Regeneration
Watch the full event on the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development channel: