United for Regeneration:
Co-creating Resilient Food Systems Globally

How can we successfully address the interrelated global urgencies of hunger, healthy and affordable nutrition, pandemics & biodiversity, soil, water, air and climate, greater productivity and profitability, good jobs and economic development?

New and challenging risks are emerging in the already complex global food systems, as evidenced by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the impacts of which are skewed towards the world’s most vulnerable populations. In addition, there are many other risks and vulnerabilities, including changing climate and the associated climate extremes, conflict, political instability, economic shocks or pests such as the desert locust, that require solutions and integrated approaches to build greater resilience within the current food system from production to consumption.

Roundtable presenters shared successfully applied and certified regenerative solutions, ranging from very large-scale industrial to small scale community-based farming in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin and North America that can be scaled around the world and further enhance the resilience of food systems to future climate, environmental and health crises and shocks.

This Roundtable contributes to the series of independent dialogues within the scope of the UN Food System Pre-Summit with a view to gather stakeholders and demonstrate concrete actions and solutions, reinforced by research, certifications and publications.

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    Watch the livestreamed event! More than 4 million in just 20 months. The global economy has been seriously set back, with experts projecting $11+ trillion in costs. And there are concerns that new viruses or variants may circumvent current vaccination programs. How do we move beyond our current reactive mode, to preventing new pandemics from occurring in the first place?