Sinal do Vale Action Initiative

Sinal do Vale is a Center for the Regeneration of Individuals, Communities and Ecosystems located on 200 hectares of land in the buffer zone between the urban sprawl of Rio de Janeiro, and one of the last remaining protected areas of the Atlantic Rainforest.

We prototype and teach solutions that regenerate forests, soils, and food systems that can be replicated and scaled in this critical region. SINAL is an Advanced Post of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves and 1 of 17 certified Global Ecosphere Retreats by the Long Run Initiative in the world.


  1. SINAL DO VALE’S Reforestation Program

    The government of the state of Rio de Janeiro has launched the Florestas do Amanhã (FDA) program to reforest 1,100 hectares of the endangered Atlantic Rainforest with endemic species of the biome. Within this framework, Sinal do Vale has committed 30 hectares of degraded land within its property to the reforestation program over the next 4 years.

  2. Introducing Sinal for Children

    Important to the strategy of Sinal do Vale are environmental learning journeys for the youth. In this video, produced by SINAL, the key concepts and values of SINAL are presented to inspire children and the young generation.