Action Teams for a
Regenerative Market Economy

      • Regenerative Recovery Finance: Helping to direct trillions of recovery dollars towards transforming societies, economies and business to regenerate of people & planet.
      • Global South Debt transformation into regeneration funding to address pressing climate, environmental and human challenges.
      • Regenerative Ownership: Families, private and public Institutions that own and influence the world’s economy have great opportunities to create business value that regenerates planet & people.
      • Regenerative Markets & Trade: How can we transform trade so that it creates regenerative and equitable value for all stakeholders around the world?
      • The Future of Work: From high tech impact on employment to living wage, diversity and equity, working with purpose and co-creating positive impact.
        • Measure What We Treasure: Synergistically integrating the application of measurement systems to support decision making in business, investment and policy making.